Marina Muse

Marina Muse has all the ingredients to relax the mind and entice the palate. Perfectly situated overlooking the picturesque Al Hamra waterfront, Marina Muse combines a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere with a charming selection of tasty bites and fine dining delights.

A new and inspired menu has been created, celebrating the locally-available produce with a selection of fish and seafood dishes from our local waters, sitting comfortably with our own unique dishes and takes on traditional and modern classics from around the world.

The Codfather

Their fish and chips are prepared the traditional British way, with carefully selected ingredients and an authentic recipe. The Codfather uses only the finest ingredients for his batter; to bring you unrivalled flavours. The entire menu is designed to bring you the taste of Britain that you know and love. Nobody has ever complained twice.

Route Burger


Scoopi Café

Scoopi is a gourmet ice cream and chocolate café in Al Hamra Marina. It's the creation of Zubin Doshi, in his quest to bring gourmet ice cream and hand crafted chocolates to the UAE. When making ice cream with liquid nitrogen (-196 C) it creates the perfect ice cream with very little ice crystals and a buttery texture. In making the ice cream, only the best ingredients are sourced; cream from Denmark, hand picked Boiron fruit from France and valhrona chocolate also from France.

Tucano Coffee

Tucano Coffee is the perfect creative space for the realisation of ideas, where they host seminars, workshops, screenings, exhibitions and music festivals. Coffee Tucano lives in the heart of love for tasty and high quality coffee, freshly toasted and fragrant and the rich culture and traditions of these exotic countries where coffee is grown.

Bread and Barrel

Bread and Barrel are a British owned Bakery and Restaurant overlooking the Marina in Al Hamra Village.